Hi, my name is Kerstin

I was born and raised in Austria and found my heart in Montreal, Canada. 

I’m a Montreal based photographer with a passion to capture life’s big moments through a lens.


My daughter is the center of my universe, my little mini-me and the absolute favourite person in the universe. My goofy and loving husband is my partner in crime, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. Our rescue animals (dog, cat, bunny, bunny) add 4 times more girl power to our little house in the woods. My dear friends are my source of energy and fill my heart with love and laughter. 


I am energetic, real and caring and really not good at hiding my tears of joy. When it gets emotional, its highly possibly that I cry with you.


I am following my passion and found my vision, my voice and my purpose through photography. As a photographer, I have the privilege to capture and tell your authentic love stories, which I consider an incredible gift.


I believe that the best moments in life are always enjoyed with your most favorite people and that memories are more valuable than things.

Call me a romantic for my love of the golden hour light, the time of the day when the sun is setting.


My photography style is warm, bright and natural. I like to describe my work as real, raw and authentic. It’s all about true love, happiness, laughter and all kind of real emotions.

I am not going to ask you for perfect poses and postures. you shall feel comfortable and just truly be yourself. Thats what I want to capture. YOU. 


My goal is to take photos that have meaning to you and reflect who you are. Years from now, I want you to look back and relive and feel the moments like they were yesterday.