Hi, I'm Kerstin

Hi, I'm Kerstin! I am a Montreal-based photographer capturing modern romantic love stories all over the world.


Traveling, exploring new places, and meeting people fulfill my heart but deep down, I am just a small town girl from the countryside of Austria who found her love in the big city of Montreal, Canada.

When I'm not photographing love stories, spending quality time with my hubby and our daughter, trying new restaurants with girlfriends, and enjoying the outdoors is what I love most.

Salted-caramel chocolate ice cream is my go-to midnight & photo editing snack, I am addicted to croissants with Nutella and sometimes drink more coffee than water in a day.

I'm so moved and inspired by love and connections, and I feel very grateful that I get to help people relive and remember their most special moments with their favorite people through my photography.

I believe that the best moments in life are always enjoyed with your most favorite people and that memories are more valuable than things.

Call me a romantic for my love of the golden hour light that adds the extra magical touch.


My photography style is warm, bright and natural and my goal is to capture real, raw and authentic moments. 

I am not going to ask you for perfect poses and postures. Most important to me is that you feel comfortable, can be yourself and have a lot of fun being at it.


I want these photos to have meaning to you and reflect who you are. Years from now, I want you to look back and relive and feel the moments like they were yesterday.